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Dahisar Distilleries Private Limited

Branding, Visual Language, Digital & Print


Chandresh Chheda, Vipul Chheda
Jessica Chheda
Jessica Chheda

A merger between the spirit of tradition and the visionary spirit of the founder.

A project close to my familys' legacy, a play that blends the origin and future of the brand to help define its' positioning in the world of liquor. The design of the logo is a monogram, where the motifs stand for the alphabet ‘D’ and ‘d’ in English & Hindi. Devanāgarī is the script used to write in Hindi across India (where the brand originated and formed its' presence), while English is the widely used global language. Merging these two languages’ script or letters is how I form a connection between the deeply rooted country liquor image with the vision to expand and reach a wider audience as a foreign liquor brand. It is challenging for a brand to modify its' audience, tailor its' positioning and strategy, and express itself in a new persona. Design is how this communication gets easier. Highlight: Dahisar Distilleries elevated with a logo and design that respectfully integrate the past, present and future vision!

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