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Shagota Music Academy

Visual Language, Logo Animation, E- Brochure, Website & Print 

Shagota Chakrborty, Shagrieka Chakrborty
Jessica Chheda
Jessica Chheda

A tree with sting roots sings in the storm.

This music academy in Mumbai has a strong legacy and a focus on preserving the founders' mothers' love for music. It is a place where the passion for music is kept alive and nurtured through exceptional training and education. The founder has created a unique brand identity that embodies the essence of the institutions' legacy, as well as its' vision for the future. The tree in the academys' logo symbolizes as a powerful reminder of the institution's roots. The design is crafted skillfully to evoke emotive and classy feelings, while also remaining vibrant and dynamic, representing their forward-looking approach. Highlight: The use of geometric design creates a sense of consistency and cohesiveness in the academys' branding. The design effectively balances the classic elements with a modern and progressive approach.