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Hi there!

I'm Jessica Chheda, a graphic designer with over seven years of experience in the field. I specialize in creating visually appealing designs that capture the essence of your brand.


Making my way from Mumbai to New York, my forte lies in branding and packaging. Working with the crème de la crème of Indian society (read: Masaba Gupta) print-making on fabrics is one of my silent self-taught passions that has made me come a long way in my journey as a creator.

A bit more about myself...

My journey began with a strong foundation in commerce, which gave me the ability to understand the business side of design. I was able to understand the importance of branding, marketing and the need to create a unique identity for a company.


I then went on to pursue a 4-year degree in Commercial Arts, which gave me the technical skills to create beautiful yet cohesive designs. My education has been an invaluable asset in my journey to becoming an entrepreneur.


Over the years, the exposure to various studios, clients, fields, and brands, experience has evolved my principals of design leaving behind ‘a one-size-fits-all’ approach.


Swimming my way into the big sea, I am all set to challenge myself further with projects that make me go above and beyond. Diverse projects have expanded my learning, and I am ready to take on new fields of design expanding my knowledge.

Build your brand. Design with me.

Design Play By Jessica

Design Play to me, is a creative mindset and approach to problem solving, one that embraces creativity, experimentation, and thinking outside the box. It involves pushing boundaries, exploring new styles, and finding innovative solutions to design challenges.

An Anacdote into 

Design Play

I welcome you to my world of design play with this little artistic memory that coined the term!

Selected Clients

  • Auravedic

  • Bela Kothari & Associates

  • Davoh Jewelry Co.

  • Dahisar Distilleries Private Limited

  • Purple Monkey

  • Swarna Sparsh Resort

Get in touch for my expertise

My play includes services like Brand Strategy, Branding & Identity, Logo Animation, Print Making, Packaging, Marketing & Promotional Collaterals, Digital and Website Design.

I'm always looking for new and exciting design opportunities.


Got a project in mind? Let's connect.

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