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Let’s take a little walk down the memory lane...

Back when I was studying Applied Art, it was during this time that I received an extraordinary assignment from my professor – to create a typeface that would transcend boundaries and embody the very essence of design principles. This project became a reflection of me as a designer and played a huge role in the an embodiment of my creative vision.

Inspired by the challenge and my passion for pushing creative limits, I embarked on a remarkable journey that led to the birth of 'Katha', a truly unique and captivating illustrative typeface. From the moment I began sketching each letter, I knew this project held the potential to transcend mere typography and become a work of art in itself.

Katha, meaning 'story' in Hindi, became a living testimony to my design philosophy. It effortlessly encapsulated the rich cultural heritage of India, merging tradition with contemporary aesthetics. I drew inspiration from the Mughal era and the timeless 'Tutinama' – a collection of 52 short tales illustrated by beautiful Mughal Miniature Paintings authorized by Akbar, the 14th-century Mughal emperor.

In each meticulously crafted letter of the Hindi alphabet, I breathed life into a dramatic elements from one of these captivating tales. Intricate details, cultural elements, and vibrant colors and patterns danced harmoniously, culminating in a typeface that celebrated the beauty of the Mughal heritage.

But Katha wasn't meant to be confined to digital realms alone. It yearned to transcend the boundaries of design and find expression in various forms. Thus, Katha adorned the world as exquisite wooden earrings and necklace pendants, each piece showcasing a fragment of the Mughal narrative. It extends its enchantment to wearable art and prints becomes tangible, allowing you to carry a piece of Mughal heritage wherever you go. Additionally, a striking black and white rendition of the typeface graced prints, allowing its enchanting tale to be shared in diverse settings.


Looking back, I realize that this project was more than just an assignment. It was an embodiment of my passion for design and the boundless possibilities that creativity can offer. Through Katha, I discovered the sheer joy of being a designer, and the incredible fulfillment that comes from exploring the depths of artistic expression. Playing with innovative ideas and design is truly the most fulfilling way to be a designer!

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