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Chalice By Deepika Priti

Visual Concept & Print Design

Deepika Shroff, Priti Valia
Jessica Chheda
Jessica Chheda

Paradoxical play on contemporary and traditional art.

Inspired by the royal persian vibe of the Mughal Empire, I help the brand tell their story of gentle resilience. For their 2021 Winter Collection, I merged the feminine softness felt in florals with strong, edgy, geometric patterns or textures in a transformative design of symmetry and motifs. Perfectly imperfect in an amalgamation of logic and emotion, the prints of Chalice are fragile and resilient. A paradoxical beauty, the brand is soulful with earthy tones and soft hues. Keeping in line with this unique character, I played with floral elements and minimalistic art to define the brand in its clothing prints. Highlight: Through the designplay of floral elements and rhombus patterns, I created prints that embodies the paradoxical beauty of feminine strength and resilience.