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Davoh Jewelry Co.

Branding, Visual Language

Digital, Print & Web


Sahil Parikh
Jessica Chheda
Jessica Chheda

The personification of elegance and style unfurled.

Davoh Jewelry Co. is a renowned high-end designer boutique store located in the Philippines. They are well-known for their exquisite and unique pieces of jewelry. The craftsmanship of their jewelry is widely recognized as the best in the industry, setting them apart from their competitors. Davoh Jewelry Co. understands the importance of creating a memorable experience for their customers. From the moment a client steps into their boutique store, they are met with a luxurious and inviting atmosphere. The visual identity of the brand is aligned with its high-end positioning, authentic values, and credible approach. A deep and velvety purple coupled with gradients of gold, the design makes you feel like you are touching majestic elegance, just as the product itself would make you feel! Highlight: Colours are often associated with a feeling or mood, and I play with purple to communicate royalty. To strengthen this feeling some more, the initial of the brand (the letter D) is designed to depict a flower in a monogram. This symbol embraces the four petals of the iris flower, which also represents royalty.